We specialize in the investigation and rectification of subsidence damage, with experience of investigating several thousand properties. We understand that such damage can be of particular concern, especially at a point of sale and the need for prompt service. We will liaise with your insurers/loss adjuster to facilitate the smooth running of your claim and keep you fully informed of the actions being undertaken.

Our services include

Preliminary Investigation & Report

  • Inspect and record damage and establish likely cause.
  • Advise if damage is due to subsidence, heave or landslip or not.
  • Provide advice on what steps need to be undertaken.
  • If covered under your insurance policy, liaise with your insurers/loss adjusters.
  • Prepare report and advise on further action with likely time scales.

Further Investigations

Following the initial inspection it is usual for further investigations to be undertaken to confirm our initial diagnosis and allow us to determine the correct solution to remedy the problem. These will typically involve:

  • Excavation of trial holes/hand augers
  • Soil testing
  • Drain testing
  • Root analysis
  • Arboricultural advice
  • Monitoring
  • Liaise with insurers/loss adjusters
  • Update reports

Remedial Works

  • Prepared detailed design and specification
  • Obtain quotations from approved contractors
  • Contract administration